Rather than a clothing brand, Ornament wants to represent itself as a movement. A movement towards a more sustainable and fair fashion industry.

At present, the general western fashion industry focuses on one thing and that is getting as much clothing into your wardrobe at the lowest price possible.

Garments have become fast moving consumer goods that we can buy, wear a few times and throw away.

However, this Western consumerism comes with a high price to pay for the rest of the world.

All over South-East Asia laborers are being forced to work up to 16 hours per day for wages as low as 3 €/ day.

Apart from these ethical concerns, today's fashion industry faces serious environmental concerns as well.

Using cotton as the general fibre for garment production, huge quantities of land, water, chemicals and pesticides are needed to keep up with rising demand.

All this results in forests being chopped down, huge quantities of water being spilled and the poisoning of both land and water by the chemicals used in the proces.

Ornament wants to distinguish itself as a  clothing brand by being sustainable down to the core, using only a blend of hemp and organic cotton fabric and producing everything locally.

Each unique Ornament shirt is hand cut and hand sewn with intention and reason behind every stitch so make sure you wear your piece with the same beliefs